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Causes Of Diabetes And Easy Way To Prevent it

Diabetes is one of many diseases that very hard to avoided. If you are obesity people, you more easy to suffer from this diseases. Many experts give an argument that people who has a waist size over 90cm,  then he more easy getting risk this diseases.

Before, are you know indication of diabetes ? Many people is not know he suffer this diseases, so he not be consult to doctor. Now, you don't worry. Because I will share how to preventing diabetes diseases, so you more easy to know indication of diabetes.
And bellow is some indication that you suffer from diabetes.
  1. Increased Urination.Maybe, for most peoples consider this trivial, but you must know this is one of indication the people suffer from diabetes. This considered because you drink water too much, but this is not same as you drink water too much. Diabetes diseases there that indication your kidney can't filter the glucose returned to blood. And this caused your urine can't filtered from your body organe.
  2. Often Feel Thirsty.
    When the insulin in your body decreased, your body will be lack for water. So, as I tell for you earlier, you will often feel thirsty and increased urination. This also one of diabetes indication.
  3. Your Body Endurance Will Be Reduced.When your glucose decreased, your body will be often to feel tired. Because the glucose can increase energy to all your body organe, if its decreased so your body will be feel tired.
  4. Decrease Your Body Weight in continously.Next indication of diabetes diseases is decrease your body weight. This caused by virus who attacked pancreas, so the pancreas can't to production insuline. So, all of body organe can't receive the glucose, so not get the energy.
We done know cause diabetes diseases, and now you must know how to preventing diabetes, so you can avoid this diseases. Bellow is some tips to avoid diabetes diseases :

Avoid to eating unhealthy foods.

Unhealthy Foods
Unhealthy Foods
One of tips to preventing diabetes is avoid unhealthy foods, as junkfood and food that contains calorie to much. Because its food very annoying your health. Many experts argue who eating unhealthy foods will be easy to suffer any diseases. Some foods that you must eating to preventing diabetes is pear, brown rice, seafood and more healthy foods.
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Manage your healthy eating patterns.

Eating Patterns
Eating Patterns
By manage your eating time, its can make your body healthy. Because this can be avoid increased glucose levels in your body. So, this can avoid your kidney become broken. And your urine will be filtered well.

Low in sugar.

Low Sugar
Low Sugar
As we know, sugar is cause we suffer from diabetes when we consume it too much. Because the sugar contains many of carbohydrate that cause the diabetes diseases. And now you must low in sugar.

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